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 Property Management

Experience stress-free property management, covering repairs, maintenance, and lawn care. Our wide range of services caters to homeowners, cottage owners, and investment property holders, ensuring a seamless, worry-free experience.


Project Management

Efficient project management from design to post-construction. We handle contracting, design, procurement, construction oversight, and final review. Our process includes planning, permits, supervision, and seamless communication, ensuring a successful project outcome.


Home staging

Offering comprehensive home staging services encompassing prep work (cleaning, organizing, and repair) and professional staging using either your own or rented furniture and accessories. Our aim is to attract serious buyers, increase property traffic, reduce time on the market, alleviate the stress of selling, and secure the highest possible selling price.

Cleaning and Organizing

Offering a comprehensive range of services, we specialize in post-construction clean-ups, one-time deep cleaning, and organizational assistance. Our dedicated team ensures your space is meticulously cleaned and organized, ready for immediate use or showcasing. Whether it’s after a construction project or for a one-time deep cleaning, we provide tailored solutions to meet your needs, ensuring a pristine and organized environment.

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We provide a comprehensive range of services, including repairs, maintenance, and lawn care, catering to homeowners, cottage owners, and investment property holders for a stress-free property experience.

We ensure a stress-free experience by offering a wide array of services tailored to maintain properties efficiently, allowing our clients to enjoy hassle-free property ownership.

Our project management encompasses various stages, starting from design and preconstruction to procurement, construction, and post-construction phases, ensuring a seamless process.

We provide comprehensive supervision throughout the project, managing the work of subcontractors, monitoring progress, and maintaining regular communication with both project owners and the construction team.

Our services include prep work, such as cleaning, organizing, and repair, alongside professional staging using either your own furniture or rented items, aimed at attracting serious buyers and minimizing the stress of selling.

Home staging drives more traffic to your property, decreases the time it spends on the market, minimizes the stress of selling, and aims to achieve the highest possible selling price for your property.

We offer a variety of services, including end-of-construction clean-up, one-time deep cleaning, and organizational assistance to ensure a pristine and organized space.

Our cleaning and organizational assistance help enhance the property’s presentation, ensuring a clean and organized environment that can positively impact potential buyers, making the property more appealing and market-ready.

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